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Superior Re-roofing Works - Gold Coast

You can depend on Above All Roofing & Construction to provide superior reroofing services on the Gold Coast. Your roof is vital for protecting your home from the elements. If it develops issues, it can lead to significant water damage and reduced energy efficiency. Customers can consider multiple options while fixing a roof that is damaged by inclement weather or poor roof maintenance. You can choose a full roof replacement or you can opt for reroofing. Re-roofing involves adding a new layer of roofing material over the existing one. It can provide an immediate visual upgrade and is a faster and cheaper option than full roof replacements.

While reroofing is more cost-effective in the short term, a full replacement might be necessary if there is significant damage. It’s crucial to assess your roof’s condition thoroughly before deciding the next course of action. Our roofing personnel can help you assess the compatibility of roofing materials and the structural support needed during reroofing work. Additionally, reroofing can be a viable option when you are preparing your home for sale.

Steps Involved in Re-Roofing Works by Above All Roofing & Construction on the Gold Coast

Are you thinking about giving your Gold Coast home’s roof a facelift? You can opt for re-roofing as a cost-effective option to give your existing roof a new and fresh look. Re-roofing is about careful planning and expert execution. Here we discuss the step-by-step process Above All Roofing & Construction follows when taking up reroofing projects on the Gold Coast.

Assessment & Planning: All re-roofing begins by first assessing your current roof. Our qualified roofing professional will check the roof material used, the age of the roofing material, and identify any damages to your roofing structure. We will come up with a reroofing plan to finalise the roofing materials, colour preference, and structural modifications that might be needed before undertaking reroofing.

Permits & Regulations: Our roofing specialists can help you secure the necessary permits from local authorities to ensure your reroofing project complies with building codes and regulations.

Roof Preparation: Clearing the work area around your roof helps provide easy access to the equipment and materials needed when undertaking reroofing work. We have established safety protocols for both our workers and occupants; this includes using guardrails, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems such as harnesses and lifelines for everyone’s safety.

Roof Repair & Replacement Work: Our personnel will remove any debris before starting work on your roof. We will inspect the roof deck for damage or deterioration. All the necessary repairs are undertaken before re-roofing tasks begin. Our roofers will replace damaged or rotten sections of the roof deck to build a solid foundation for the new roofing material that is to be installed.

Installation of New Roofing Material: Underlayment or insulation will be laid for added protection and energy efficiency. Your chosen new roofing material will be meticulously installed, ensuring proper alignment and fastening. Not to forget inspecting the flashings and vents to maintain watertightness. Ridge caps, hip caps, and finishing elements will be installed for a brilliant new look. All seams and joints will be sealed to prevent water leaks. The work area is completely cleaned up after the re-roofing is complete.

Inspection & Quality Assurance: Specialists from Above All Roofing & Construction will conduct a thorough inspection of the newly installed roof to ensure it meets quality standards and specifications. They will address any structural issues or concerns highlighted, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

Documentation & Warranty: You will receive documentation of the re-roofing work done, including warranties for material used and labour. Our roofers can also provide instructions on proper roof maintenance upon request. Removing the remaining debris and disposing of it safely provides the final touches to all re-roofing projects undertaken. A final walkthrough with you will be conducted for your complete satisfaction with the finished re-roofing work.

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Working with Above All Roofing & Construction makes for smooth and successful reroofing project execution. However, customers must work closely with our roofing personnel for timely and quality project execution. Do you need assistance with all re-roofing works on the Gold Coast? Kindly call us at 0403 863 347 or email us to request a no-obligation quote at

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