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Spectacular Wall Claddings - Gold Coast

Above All Roofing & Construction is the ideal wall cladding expert on the Gold Coast. Wall cladding involves applying one material over another to create a protective outer layer for walls. The additional protective layer acts as a barrier against water ingress to prevent leakage while maintaining the integrity of your building’s interiors. Wall cladding offers many benefits, some of which are:

Low Maintenance: Once installed, exterior cladding requires minimal upkeep, saving time and money compared to other weather protection methods.

Aesthetic Appeal: Cladding can enhance the appearance of a building and is easily cleaned to maintain its fresh look, especially with materials like aluminium known for their durability and versatility.

Structural Integrity: Cladding ensures the building’s mechanical structure remains intact, adapting to changing weather conditions, which is especially beneficial in regions with extreme temperature fluctuations.

Protection: It reduces water absorption and safeguards against chemical or air pollution, enhancing the safety and longevity of the building and its occupants.

Above All Roofing & Construction – Types of Wall Cladding Materials Available on the Gold Coast

Bring timeless charm to your home with spectacular wall cladding installations from Above All Roofing & Construction. Whether you choose timber or composite planks, you’ll enjoy a natural aesthetic with customisable colours and finishes. Here are some of the most common wall cladding materials we recommend to customers on the Gold Coast.

Metal Cladding: Modern Edge, Low Maintenance – Embrace a sleek, contemporary look with metal cladding. Steel, aluminium, zinc, or copper panels offer diverse profiles and finishes, making a bold statement. This highly durable option boasts excellent weather resistance and minimal maintenance needs. However, one must be mindful of potential dents and scratches and consider adding insulation for better thermal performance.

Brick Cladding: Timeless Elegance, Lasting Value – Invest in enduring style with brick cladding. Thin-brick veneers or panels replicate the classic charm of traditional brickwork in various colours and textures. You’ll gain a fire-resistant, low-maintenance facade that adds lasting value to your property. Keep in mind that brick requires a sturdy foundation, and installation can be more labour-intensive compared to other options.

Composite Cladding: Versatile Choice, Easy Upkeep – Enjoy the best of both worlds with composite cladding. Engineered wood, fibre cement, or plastic panels offer a wide range of textures and finishes, mimicking wood, stone, or smooth surfaces. This lightweight, durable option boasts good insulation and low maintenance requirements. Remember that quality varies between manufacturers, and professional installation might be recommended for optimal performance.

Stone Cladding: Premium Luxury, Enduring Beauty – Indulge in the ultimate expression of luxury with stone cladding. Natural stones like slate or granite, or even engineered stone panels, bring a premium, upscale look with authentic textures and colours. This timeless choice offers exceptional durability and fire resistance, thus increasing your property value. However, be prepared for the weight, expense, and potential need for additional structural support during installation.

Vinyl Cladding: An Affordable Option and a Practical Choice – Make a budget-friendly choice with vinyl cladding. PVC or vinyl panels mimic wood or other materials in various colours and textures, offering affordability, low maintenance, and resistance to moisture and fading. While practical and easy to care for, remember that vinyl may not possess the same aesthetic appeal or longevity as other cladding types, and colour options might be limited.

We always consult with a professional architect to ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations when undertaking wall cladding work on the Gold Coast.

Above All Roofing & Construction – Step-By-Step Wall Cladding Installations on the Gold Coast

Wall cladding plays a crucial role in protecting and enhancing the beauty of buildings. Imagine your home adorned with a layer of material that not only shields it from rain, wind, and sun but also transforms its appearance according to your desired style.
Wall cladding offers a multitude of benefits beyond just aesthetics. Think of improved insulation for cooler summers and warmer winters, increased energy efficiency, and even added durability to your exterior walls. Above All Roofing & Construction follows a time-tested step-by-step process for all wall cladding works on the Gold Coast.

Material Selection: First, we will help you choose the cladding material that best suits your needs. It involves considering factors like the overall look you desire, the climate, your budget, and how much maintenance you’re willing to undertake. Popular choices include weatherboard for a classic touch, metal cladding for a modern and low-maintenance approach, brick cladding for timeless elegance and fire resistance, composite panels for their versatility and ease of care, and even stone cladding for truly luxurious walls.

Initial Preparation: Once you have selected your wall cladding material preparation is key. This step ensures the existing wall surface is in good condition by installing a moisture barrier to protect the structure from water damage and implementing proper flashing and drainage systems to prevent water buildup behind the cladding.

Installation & QC: The chosen material will be attached to the wall using standard methods, such as following manufacturer guidelines or recommended best practices for properly aligning and spacing the cladding panels. Not forgetting to incorporate insulation between the cladding and the wall for improved energy efficiency and thermal comfort. Finishing touches like corner trims and edge profiles add a professional touch to your wall cladding.

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Tradesmen from Above All can help you choose the right wall cladding material. We will help you design and implement the perfect wall cladding best suited to the local climate, building design, maintenance preferences, budget, and personal style. To discuss your wall cladding ideas with our specialists, please call 0403 863 347 or email us at

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